Tony Hawk, Wonderfront Festival investor and ambassador, is bringing back the famous Boom Boom Huckjam for his hometown crowd! 

In the early 2000s, Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom HuckJam Tour was the biggest, high-flying spectacle in action sports, traveling the country and playing the biggest arenas in the land. The tour turned a huge spotlight on the skate community and attracted significant exposure to the sport of vert skateboarding.

“I’m excited to bring back the Huckjam format (choreographed and freestyle skating with live music) after 10 years of hiatus, and there is no better place for it than my hometown. I’m proud to be involved with Wonderfront, and it’s been a blast helping handpick the legendary punk bands for our stage.” Tony Hawk, Wonderfront Festival Partner.

Tony is bringing back the HuckJam ramp to Wonderfront with bands including:

 Pennywise Suicidal Tendencies   X DJ Z-Trip 

and a crew of some of the biggest professional vert skaters and bmx bikers in the world, including: 

Tony Hawk Kevin Staab Marcello Bastos

Andy MacDonald Elliot Sloan Paul Luc Ronchetti

Bucky Lasek Lincoln Ueda Marcello Bastos

Lizzie Armanto Simon Tabron Jordyn Barret

Evan Doherty Jimmy Wilkins

This all-star squad of professional skaters and iconic punk bands set the stage for a legendary show! The revival of Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huckjam will bring together the nostalgic, skate-community of the 2000s and the current generation of skateboarding-enthusiasts. And what better backdrop for it all than bayside at Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival? 

We are stoked to have Tony Hawk’s enthusiasm and support for this inaugural festival. Secure your spot to experience history and get your tickets today! 


*Note: The content above refers to one of the coolest attractions of Wonderfront Festival 2019. While this isn’t a part of our 2022 exhibition, we hope this opens your eyes to just how creative this festival can be. For tickets to the 2022 event, follow this link:

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