Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch have always had a passionate hand and talent for music. After having a steady career with the group R5, the brothers broke away to form their own band in 2018. Thus, The Driver Era was born.

The brothers have a tasteful philosophy towards their music creation. Focusing their efforts on embracing their experiences and feelings as they come, they seamlessly transform those aspects into beauty through the song. Since their 2019 debut “Preacher Man”, they have been an instant hit, working their way to becoming a household name. In fact, the brothers’ music has likely already played through your house whenever you put on the hit Disney show Austin & Ally for the kids. Not only did Ross and Rocky write the music for that show, Ross actually starred in it.

The brothers’ latest album, Girlfriend, was written and produced by Ross and Rocky in their home studio. The newest release encapsulates their recent lives, showcasing songs dating back to 2016 up to the release in 2021. Rather than dictating the album with an overarching theme, Ross and Rocky’s process revolves around having fun. The brothers pull musical inspiration from all sorts of directions, including the likes of Prince and Bruce Springsteen as well as hip-hop producers Pharrell and

Rocky says, the musical creation process is to “go into the studio and have fun making whatever sounds good in that moment.” His brother Ross adds that he “tries not to judge the process and let it happen,” and that “you can’t be judging the thing you’re creating. You have to let it take over you and let it flow.”


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The Driver Era process can be heard, felt, and seen any time they take the stage. Search for any of their live shows on YouTube and it’s readily apparent that they don’t play music, the music plays them!

Although The Driver Era was scheduled for a tour to begin in April 2020, the pesky global pandemic put those plans to a halt. Many bands and artists during the period felt pressured to use the lockdown as a forced production period, but The Driver Era took a different approach. Ross and Rocky put the band on pause, using the stillness as a reset. When they returned from their break, the brothers found themselves reinvigorated with passion for their music creation. This is what ultimately led to the making of Girlfriend. Ross described the feeling as being able to rediscover his passion for music and love for creating.

A telling signal that they discovered a next-level passion for the creation process is their upcoming album Summer Mixtape, set to release on September 15th. Having already proven their ability to songwrite, The Driver Era upped the ante for themselves by fully creating and producing their own album from the ground up. Throughout their young careers, the brothers describe this feat as everything they have been working towards and can’t wait to share it with the world.

The Driver Era has proven to have a firm foothold in the music industry with over 115 million streams and over 20 million followers on social media platforms. They were also featured on People Magazine’s “Emerging Artists” list and have sold out shows worldwide in just about every continent.

The Driver Era’s unique blend of spontaneity and passion in their creation process bleeds into an amazing live show, one you surely won’t want to miss at the upcoming Wonderfront Music & Arts Festival in San Diego.

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