It’s March 2020. A pandemic has halted the globe in its tracks. The only people traveling to and from work are on the frontline fighting fires, stopping crime, delivering food and water… and selling screen protectors at your local Verizon store.

Yes, that’s right, telecom workers are essential too. With the majority of the population resorting to remote working, phones and quality cell service became more important than ever. One of those employees? None other than Tai Verdes.

If you were to pull out your phone and search Tai Verdes in Spotify right now, you’ll see he has a mind-boggling eight million monthly listeners. Two years and one worldwide viral threat ago and Tai would have been helping you with your phone service. Now the lone reason you’d bring your phone near him would be to record and share his concert on your Instagram.

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Before Tai Verdes became an overnight pop sensation, he spent his days at the Verizon store and his nights either writing new songs, playing the piano, or whooping anyone who dared play him in Mario Kart: Double Dash. He is, after all, the self-proclaimed “best Mario Kart player of all time.”

When he took a break from throwing banana peels to release his debut album ‘TV’ in 2020, he soared in Spotify’s album rankings to take the #5 spot.

TikTok then played a major role in his skyrocketing fame, with his song Stuck in the Middle being used as the audio in over 3.5 million video creations to date. Collectively, those videos have been viewed over three billion times. Perhaps the craziest part of the song’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it success is the fact that Tai wrote the hit sensation in less than two hours. The New York Times went on to report it as one of the “Best Songs of 2020”, and millions of fans agree.

Although Tai wrote Stuck in the Middle in two hours, it isn’t the lone product of an unconventional writing habit. He often writes snippets of lyrics into the Notes app on his phone so that he can refer back to them later, when he’ll write an entire song based around one line. That’s how his melodic tune “we would have some cute kids” came to be.

Even if Stuck in the Middle is the sole song you can name by rising pop star Tai Verdes thanks to TikTok, you’ve no doubt heard his other hits as well. Type in ‘A-O-K’ on Spotify and you’ll recognize his most streamed song by the first strum of the guitar.

The beauty in Tai’s music stems from his attitude on life. A-O-K’s lyrics exemplify why people all over the globe love his never-stop-smiling style. In a bad mood? Put that song on and you’ll change your attitude faster than it takes to form a thumbs-up.



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