Saint Cecilia isn’t a run-of-the-mill local band you’ll see on any given Tuesday before the Trivia crowd arrives. By their own admission they are an emotional collection of passion, love, and lust for music brought together for a mission; not to top the charts (though they’ll admit that would be nice), but to wake up a world that has gotten sleepy with repetitive and half-baked musical efforts. This unique band hails members from all across the northern hemisphere, ready to shake the music world back awake with a rocking vengeance! 

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Their mission can be found even in their name. “Saint Cecilia” derives directly from one of the most famous virgin martyrs of 3rd century Rome. She was famously, and fittingly, the patron Saint of music and musicians. This group of up and coming rock stars doesn’t just make songs – they guide you on a mystical journey by way of music!

It becomes obvious very quickly that Saint Cecilia has a passion for music that goes beyond many artists you’ve listened to before, but where does this passion stem from? Although they may not have known each other at the time, all of the band members derived their love for music and chose their life path after hearing the opening chord to The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” as children. If that doesn’t convince you that they were meant to find each other for a journey of musical greatness, maybe this will… Every member of Saint Cecilia is a synesthete. Synesthesia is a somewhat rare neurological condition which causes multiple senses to stimulate at once. What does this mean for the Saint Cecilia band members? Not only can they hear the beauty in music, they can actually see it as well. How? Certain chords vibrate off colors along with the sounds. At first they thought everyone could visually see music the way they do, but after starting their tours and meeting other bands they’ve come to realize it’s a lot less common than they thought! 

With that in mind, it’s easy to understand Saint Cecilia’s mission to guide their listeners through the mystery of music, rather than just create songs for the charts. They believe the beauty in music comes from seeing it in person, feeling the vibrations, and sharing the experience live with a crowd. While Saint Cecilia recognizes that it’s become commonplace to have music blaring out of your phone all hours of the day (thanks Spotify!), they have ambitions to drag you away from your repetitive playlist and get you moving and grooving to songs the way music is supposed to be enjoyed! 

If you’re the type of person that loves to experience songs from head to toe, then you can’t miss Saint Cecilia when they come to San Diego for the Wonderfront Festival 2022. They are this generation’s The Doors meets Arctic Monkeys… the next truly great rock band! Before you see them live at Wonderfront 2022, be sure to check them out further at



About WONDERFRONT Music & Arts Festival
The return of the 7+ stage, 80+ band, 3-day music, culinary and arts festival descending upon the stunning waterfront of downtown San Diego – “where the city meets the sea.” The festival will feature stages and activations spread across the various parks and piers along the Port of San Diego, from the Embarcadero Park up to Broadway Pier.

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Media Contacts:
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208 761-7729

Kira Finkenberg
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Friday-Sunday, November 18-20, 2022
550 West B Street, 4 th Floor
San Diego CA 92101
Ph: 619.340.1070

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