almost monday is a band bursting from the seams with warm California sunshine. Composed of three San Diego natives, they have quite the origin story. While Dawson Daugherty (vocals) and Luke Fabry (bass) grew up together as childhood buddies, Cole Clisby (guitar) found himself surfing in the right place at the right time. He and Dawson met while riding the waves and discovered their shared passion for Yerba Mate tea and funky California pop! From that point forward, the three of them knew how they would spend their free time as they worked towards their Bachelor degrees… by getting their classmates and friends to groove to upbeat funk music at almost monday DIY gigs in the back of surf shops!

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As anyone in the music industry knows, to make it big you need to have the right connections with the right producer. At least, that’s the thought that would stop most novice bands who can’t find a foot in the door. Not almost monday, though, who shot a cold email to producer Mark Needham (who works with giants like The Killers and Fleetwood Mac) with no prior connections, actually received a response directly from Mark, and was introduced to Simon Oscroft who would go on to become their official producer… Ask and you shall receive, kids!

Brimming with a new producer and a passion to share upbeat SoCal indie pop with the world, almost monday was poised to emerge as one of the brightest new talents on the scene; and that’s exactly what they did. Amidst a pandemic-stricken world desperately in need of some joy, almost monday provided their debut EP don’t say you’re ordinary in 2020. People all across the globe felt rays of California sunshine riffing out of the speakers in their home, a clearly much needed reprieve based on the over 32 million collective streams their single “broken people” has played worldwide. Although their vibrant style can be felt in all of their songs, “broken people” radiates the colorful indie pop nature of almost monday perfectly. Even Sofi Tukker has shown her appreciation for the breakout stars, turning the hit single into a danceable deep house remix.

Once the world was ready for live music again, so was almost monday. Having gone from surf shop gigs to being trapped in a studio, the boys were buzzing to get back out and put on some live music for their newfound fans! After electrifying the stage at Lollapalooza 2021, they continued their festival tour through Summerfest, Bonnaroo, BottleRock, and Firefly.

From Do-It-Yourself gigs to jamming at festivals, almost monday has enjoyed a meteoric rise since their professional debut in 2020. If you’re looking for the right place to enjoy a summer shandy, look no further than the rays of sunshine beaming off whichever stage almost monday takes at Wonderfront 2022. Before you do, though, be sure to check them out at their website



About WONDERFRONT Music & Arts Festival
The return of the 7+ stage, 80+ band, 3-day music, culinary and arts festival descending upon the stunning waterfront of downtown San Diego – “where the city meets the sea.” The festival will feature stages and activations spread across the various parks and piers along the Port of San Diego, from the Embarcadero Park up to Broadway Pier.

About Wonderlust Events, LLC
Based in San Diego, Wonderlust Events llc is an innovative events and entertainment company focused on conceiving, creating, and executing impactful, music-based live experiences delivered across multiple mediums (theatrical, traditional, and streaming broadcast). Its founders, Paul Thornton and Ernie Hahn, each have over 25 years of experience in large-scale event promotions, production and creative development.

Media Contacts:
Esther Shepherd
208 761-7729

Kira Finkenberg
619 204-7342

Friday-Sunday, November 18-20, 2022
550 West B Street, 4 th Floor
San Diego CA 92101
Ph: 619.340.1070

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